December 21, 2020

6 Ways for Couples to Select Wedding Singers for their Ceremony

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Couples who want to hire the very best wedding singers for their upcoming ceremony know that they are not short of options. The real challenge comes with the selection process, working up and down the candidates according to a key set of criteria. We will offer 6 valuable tips that take this process into account.


1) Defining Your Music Tastes

Just as couples get to select what they want to wear, what they want to eat, who they want to invite and where the ceremony will be held, they should have autonomy over what type of wedding singers will be performing. This is a choice that has to come down to personal taste and brides and grooms reflect on their own favourites. It will span rock to pop, R&B to rap, country and western to classical and electronic. Participants need to think about what will fit the tone and what they will cherish the most.


2) Opting for Versatile Performers

Although it is important to narrow in on a style with wedding singers, it is also a benefit to find those specialists who are skilled at a range of genres. This is the signature feature of a classic singer for weddings, switching from vintage pop classics to modern rock hits, to country tunes, to loved rhythm and blues tracks and beyond. In many cases when these events head into the late hours of the night, the requests come thick and fast so that versatility is a real selling point.


3) Electric vs. Acoustic Sets

Finding singers for these events doesn’t just boil down to the music taste or the versatility of genres, but how plugged in they happen to be for the ceremony. This consideration will focus on the acoustics of the environment, creating logistical issues for those who might be based in outdoor venues. The acoustic performers will also offer a classic and low-key option while the plugged in operators can really amplify the noise for the celebration.


4) Working From a Budget

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Couples who are selecting the best wedding singers for the upcoming ceremony know that their budget will be stretched. While this is a price they have to calculate, they also have to factor in venue hire, dress, catering and photography, even if travel is not part of the equation. When specialists have to be selected, they need to define what performers are affordable and who is too dear and priced out of the market.


5) Assessing Their Online & Offline Ratings

Couples who are seeking wedding singers want to have confidence that they have the right person for the job. They might be a solo act or part of a band, but they will be rated and reviewed by constituents based on their past performances. Some will receive referrals from friends and family while others will take note of their expertise from Google and Facebook comments. It should be factored into the equation.


6) Seeing if They are Approachable

Couples will want to know that they can connect with wedding singers to discuss the set, their style and how they can logistically manage the event. If they are slow to respond, fail to communicate or make unmerited demands, then they should be taken out of the equation. Those people skills really do matter when the client is seeking absolute perfection on the day.


The decision to select wedding singers will ultimately come down to personal taste, offering a wide array of performers who each bring something a little different. However, couples are looking out for their own interests when they hire specialists who meet all of their criteria before setting up the stage.


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