September 17, 2020

Are Glass Water Pipes Best For Smoking?

glass water pipes

There are lots of different ways to smoke tobacco and cannabis. Many people will simply roll a cigarette or a joint, whilst others may light up a pipe but one of the oldest, healthiest, and safest ways to smoke is by using glass water pipes. This method has been around for a long time and has come back into the spotlight in recent years, with advances and improvements on the design of many glass water pipes making the experience more enjoyable than ever. New materials and a new understanding of science have made glass water pipes the preferred way for many people to smoke. They come in many different designs and can feature many different materials but glass is one of the most popular because of the benefits it offers. So without further ado here are a few of the reasons why you should try glass water pipes and why they’re the best tool for smoking.


They’re the healthier option

Glass water pipes as you would guess use H20 as their main filter before you inhale smoke, this is a much better option for smoking than cannabis and other options because it filters out a lot of the carcinogens that you might otherwise breath in and gives a much smoother smoking experience overalls. Smoking in this way means that you will actually breathe in a lot less smoke too which is much better for your lungs and drawing through liquid means the smoke is cooled down, which is much safer for your mouth and throat. Unlike other methods where you light up and draw through a paper filter or no filter at all, this is a much better and safer way to smoke.


They’re more durable

Compared to other types of smoking implements glass water pipes are very, very durable. A high-quality instrument will last you a very long time and many will hold up to regular use. Glass water pipes in particular are very strong and durable because they are constructed from one single material which gives them fantastic structural integrity and makes them less prone to breakage and other issues. The materials used are strong and thick also so they can usually handle even rough handle and being dropped occasionally, although they will certainly smash if dropped from a height or treated poorly.


They offer a better experience

man smoking through a glass water pipe

One of the best things about glass water pipes and the reason that they’re popular with many smokers is that they offer a vastly superior experience to some other types of smoking. Not only are they much smoother on the mouth and lungs, but they’re also much more fun. Users are often able to see the science and chemistry taking place before their eyes and they come in many different colours and interesting and creative designs which really adds to the experience and makes it very enjoyable.


They’re more stylish

One of the top reasons that people love these smoking utensils so much is that they come in many different styles and are often like a work of art. Working with the materials involved is a real skill and takes knowledge and expertise. Artisans can create beautiful pieces that come in a variety of shades and forms. Creating good pieces can be complex and there’s a huge market for custom made designs and handcrafted work.


They’re not as hot

Another reason to buy them is that they don’t gain heat as quickly as other materials like ceramic and metal which makes them easier to use and often provides a better experience. They are a much safer option.

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