June 3, 2020

Should You Use Online Wedding Invitations Instead Of Physical Ones?

online invitations

These days, the traditional ways people get married have changed a great deal, with there being an increased focus on having less elaborate ceremonies that put greater focus on the things most important to the couple, rather than trying to meet expectations or impress a guestlist. One of the results of this is a trend towards using online wedding invitations rather than sending out physical cards to people’s letterboxes.

There are a lot of benefits to going this route that today’s soon-to-be-wed couples appreciate, and the following points will explore a few of them.


1.    Simpler

The biggest attraction of using online wedding invitations is that they are much simpler to both design and distribute than the physical alternative. Most providers allow you to do everything online and easily create an email list (your guestlist) for you to send them out all at once.

Getting married is already a process that is notorious for being a great deal of organisation/administrative work that many modern couples, even with a professional organiser, can’t really be bothered with anymore. With less elaborate ceremonies being prioritised (normally so a bigger honeymoon can be enjoyed), it’s no wonder why the letters that let people know they’re on the guestlist have become a more pragmatic consideration, rather than something that needs a great deal of planning put into it.

For most couples, they aren’t going to get too hung up on how memorable this aspect of their big day is, so online wedding invitations are a great way to both keep a sense of importance without going overboard.


2.    More reliable

Another benefit of using online wedding invitations is that they are going to be inherently more reliable than sending out physical letters/cards. This is because, over the internet, less can go wrong than relying on postal service which could easily lose some of the letters and end up leaving some of your guests uninformed.

Of course, a way around this problem is to send an e-vite as well as a physical letter, but if you’re going with an e-vite anyway, why spend the extra money on a physical card? Unless you really care about the effect a physical card can bring to your guests, there’s not much reason to indulge this extra expense.

If you want to make sure that you keep costs down and have no chance of anyone missing out on hearing the news that they need to, you should invest in online wedding invitations. You will get all the same benefits without risking a screw up with the postal service (which is notorious for screwing up).


3.    Cheaper & environmentally friendly

Another big reason that online wedding invitations have become more popular is the fact they are much cheaper to produce and distribute than their traditional alternatives. Couples who are looking to reduce the expense of their big day are going to want to save money on ancillary things like this.

A bonus of doing things digitally is that it won’t involve using any paper products for the cards/letters/parcels that may be necessary to go the traditional route. Again, contemporary couples are more environmentally conscious and don’t want to have an overly-extravagant affair that produces a lot of material waste when they can get the same result by doing things digitally.

When people are getting married and starting a life together, they often are thinking about having children together. Naturally, these couples want to create the best future possible for their kids, and this may explain why a trend towards the green option of online wedding invitations is preferred.


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